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How rosy does your

retirement look?

As life expectancy increases through medical advances

we will spend a longer and longer time in retirement.

It is therefore important that provision 

is made before retirement to ensure that, 

once retired, an income sufficient

to support your desired lifestyle is available.


We can help you by analysing your existing provision andoffering you advice on the best options 

available to you so that you can achieve 

the level of income that you would

like to have in retirement.


The value of the basic state pension has fallen substantially relative to average earnings 

since the abolition of the link to

NAE (National Average Earnings) in 1980.

The government has stated the intention 

to restore this link in the near future 

No set date has yet been announced.

Despite any such restoration, 

it is unlikely that the state pension

will provide an adequate standard of living